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Dr. Anya Adair

Programme Director

BA(Hons)/LLB, DipML, MA Melbourne, MSt Oxon, PhD Yale 

Dr. Adair’s digital humanities research and teaching covers digital manuscript studies, text encoding, digital editing and databases, as well as the potential of digital knowledge management systems in the educational context. 

Dr. Adair holds a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws from the University of Melbourne and graduate degrees in English from Melbourne, Oxford and Yale. At Melbourne, Yale and HKU, she has taught courses in interdisciplinary law and literature, legal history, medieval and early modern English literature, creative writing, the history of the English language, palaeography and codicology, and digital humanities. 

The historical scope of Anya’s present research covers the seventh to the sixteenth centuries. Her interest in legal and literary culture takes her work into the history of emotion, historical linguistics, religious writing, poetry, poetics and rhetoric, as well as palaeography, codicology, and the history of law. In all of these dimensions, Anya’s research is driven by a fascination with the minutiae of language, and the potential of its smallest detail to solve the puzzles of the past.

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Dr. Anya Adair
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