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Dr. Christophe Coupé

Professor Christophe Coupé

Programme Director
Assistant Professor

Professor Christophe Coupé received a PhD degree in cognitive science in 2003 from the University of Lyon 2. He then worked as a researcher at the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), until joining HKU in 2018.

Dr. Peter J Cobb

Professor Peter J Cobb

Deputy Director
Assistant Professor

Professor Peter J Cobb is an assistant professor in the School of Humanities and a field archaeologist. Each summer, he helps lead excavations in Armenia together with the Armenian Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography.

Dr. Anya Adair

Professor Anya Adair

Assistant Professor

Professor Anya Adair researches medieval English literature, as well as pre-modern English law and legal culture. Her research explores Old and Middle English law and literature, medieval language interaction, book history and manuscript studies, poetry and poetics, the history of the English language and the digital humanities.


Professor Javier Cha

Assistant Professor

Professor Javier Cha is Assistant Professor of Digital Humanities in the Department of History. His expertise includes Korean Neo-Confucianism, medieval literary criticism, patronage, and data-assisted historical methods.


Dr. Kal Ng

Professional Practitioner

Dr. Kal Ng is a practitioner in Architectural Design, virtual reality research, film producing and scriptwriting. 

He is at present a lecturer of Intelligent Architecture and Virtual Reality at HKU and as programmer for the HDT Trajectory Workshops. 

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Dr. Jenny Kwok

Course Coordinator of HUDT1001

Dr. Jenny Kwok is a Post-doctoral Fellow in Digital Humanities. Her research focuses on digital humanities, the tradition of liberal education, and Anglo-Irish writers of the fin de siècle. Her projects analyze course offerings at Oxford English School (1912-2012) reflecting changing perceptions of English Studies, and identify stylistic patterns of Anglo-Irish writers through topic modeling.

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